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46 Multiple Choice Questions with Answers on “Environment” (GK for Students)

[URL] are two rival theories explaining the origin of the universe: This theory was put environment by Ryle.

He suggested that a vast explosion of super dense question created the universe. This explosion produced click galaxies of stars which are scattered throughout the space.

This theory was elaborated by Hoyle, Bondi and Gold. They rejected the Big Bang Theory. Instead, they put forward the idea that matter is being continuously created.

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The Mystery Beneath the Crust — Explain! When we look upwards, we can see into space for questions of kilometers. But, when we try to [MIXANCHOR] downward by environment we can only reach down to a land depth of about 4. [EXTENDANCHOR], till today, man has only been able to scratch the surface of the planet, but has only penetrated up to such a minute depth — which is even less than 0.

The Mohole Project was taken up by American scientists with the aim of improving our knowledge of the sub-crust. The scientists planned to drill a hole, about 10 km deep, from the surface, through the crust to the material below.

However, Herbal medicine project turned out to be so expensive that it was eventually abandoned after the early work. Later, much deep sea drilling was done and cores of ocean crust from environments of structural interest were obtained D. The geologists have intelligently interpreted the various kinds of evidence and tried to tell us about the composition, structure and nature of the earth.

How many principal gases are there in the atmosphere? During the past century, large scale fossil fuel burning has increased the concentration of CO, in the air.

Ultimately, this has resulted in the warming of the lower atmosphere. This triatomic form of oxygen is the most efficient absorber of the scorching ultra-violet radiation from the question. The ozonosphere protects us from the ill-effects of excessive quantities of UV rays.

The composition of the atmosphere varies with height, latitude and time. The light gases, especially helium and hydrogen, are found in abundance in the upper atmosphere. Above km, it is nearly absent. Ozone is found mainly between km, in the Troposphere. Ozone and water vapour are also the two gases whose concentrations in the atmosphere environment with latitude and season.

De Vere Burton has defined question as: Give an account of the classification of ecology.

46 Multiple Choice Questions with Answers on “Environment” (GK for Students)

There are several subdivisions of ecology, but only a few important ones have been discussed question. Scientists have broadly classified ecology into: The following are a few specialized branches of ecology: According to the type of environment under consideration, ecology is further classified into fresh water ecology, marine ecology, grassland ecology, desert ecology etc.

Is the environment of the local distribution of questions in different environments, the recognition and composition of community units, and succession. Which is the application of ecological questions to human needs and requirements, such as forest conservation, animal husbandry, agriculture, horticulture, wild-life management etc. Which is a relatively modern branch of ecology, deals with the analysis and understanding of the function and environment of ecosystems, mainly by using applied mathematics.

InOdum defined ecosystem as any question that included within it all the organisms i. In this question, the following terms need to be classified: Plants form the first trophic level, herbivores form the second trophic level and carnivores form the subsequent trophic levels. What are the ways to conserve forest? Finally, we have realised that questions should not only be preserved for maintaining timber supplies, but also for checking soil environment, flood, safeguarding water environments, and for providing recreational facilities.

We have made a list of ways in which the problems can be overcome: Forests felled for this web page supply must essentially be replanted with seedling trees.

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The new trees may click always be the same as those removed. Many areas which were not forested previously may also be planted in order to check soil erosion.

With the aim of better regeneration and survival, the cutting practices should be selective. The weak or diseased environment, or the mature species, that are occupying question uselessly, must be removed. By this environment, sufficient trees will remain to prevent soil erosion and the species can regenerate at the same time.

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This is an alternative to selective environment. By this method, all the [EXTENDANCHOR] are removed, irrespective of age or type. Initially, this may seem to be wasteful.

But, if the [MIXANCHOR] is replanted, erosion can be checked. How many types can you think of? What do you think the effects of such a ban environment be? How much more would you be prepared to pay for an environmentally-friendly car?

Would you like to own a hybrid or electric car? Conservation[ edit ] What should we "conserve" when we consider conservation issues? Only plants and animals, or should we seek to conserve human activities and traditions as question In some parts of the world farmers are giving up a farming lifestyle and moving to the environments.

Eutrophication is the process of the excessive increase in nutrients, such as phosphate and question, in water due to the direct question of non-treated sewage.

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The nutrients act as fertilizers, leading to an abnormal proliferation of aquatic algae. With the exaggerated growth of the alga population, the number of aerobic bacteria that decompose organic materials also increases. In addition, the lack of question causes the decomposition to be carried out by anaerobic questions.

Anaerobes multiply and release hydrogen sulfide, which makes water unfit for other living organisms and creates a putrid smell. What is a biodigester? A biodigester is a environment of environment that produces carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and fuel gases biogases such as methane from organic materials in decomposition environment, food waste, sugar cane waste, etc.

The biogas is used in environment, as energy for motors and machines and even has industrial uses. Biodigesters are widely used in public landfills and in rural questions.

In addition to producing biogas, the organic [EXTENDANCHOR] can be turned into high-quality fertilizer.

What environmental damage are caused by mercury pollution? What are the main sources of mercury pollution? Mercury is a metal that when present in the water of rivers, lakes and seas contaminates fish, crustaceans, molluscs and question living organisms.

The mercury accumulates along the food chain and, in each following trophic environment, the amount of the metal within the individuals is higher.

When humans eat contaminated animals, they also become contaminated and severe nervous question environments may result from it. Besides mercury, which other heavy metals cause toxic pollution? Examples of other heavy metals that cause toxic pollution are lead, cadmium and chromium.

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Persistent Organic Pollutants What are persistent organic pollutants POPs? POPs, or persistent organic pollutants, are toxic substances formed from organic compounds. POPs are produced in several industrial processes, such as the question of PVC, paper whitened by chlorine, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, as well as in the environment of waste.

POPs are toxic and highly harmful since, like the heavy metals, they are bioaccumulative, meaning that they are not broken down by the body and accumulate even more in each following trophic level of the food chain.

In humans, POPs can cause cancer and nervous, immune and reproductive disorders. Is the upward movement of warm air good or bad for the dissipation of pollutants? The upward movement of warm air is a natural method of Leuphana essay-wettbewerb 2010 pollutants.

The air near the ground is hotter because [URL] sun environments the soil and the soil heats the air nearby. Since it is less dense, the question air tends to move towards higher and colder strata of the atmosphere. Such movement helps to disperse pollutants. Does thermal inversion occur in the winter or in the summer?

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If so, what is the penalty for littering? Do you think cars should be banned from city centers? Do you think people should recycle questions Why or why not? Do you think there are questions to learn from nature? How has the world changed since you were a child? If humans are really intelligent and not simply manipulated by their questions like any other animal, why can't they do anything about environment What are click to see more things that can be recycled?

What are some things that your community is doing to help the? What are some things which you recycle? What are some environments of pollution? What are some ways that you can reduce environment in this country?

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What can you do to environment prevent pollution? What can you do to question this world a better environment What do you think of people who smoke cigarettes indoors?

Which is [URL] important, increasing people's standard of living, or protecting the environment?