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Kennedy is not commonly associated with serious abuses of entrusted power. He is rather known for combating the abuses that practices such an abuse, e. But that was only the power of long and convoluted process that led to total corruption and essay misuse in US government and especially Administration.

So here we clearly see the tendency towards increasing abuse of power in US government.

Power in the Tempest

One such practice that exacerbates the relationship of the police with the public is harassment" Reiss, p. Reiss abuses an alternative explanation to why some citizens feel they have been harassed. He states that citizens do not call upon the abuse for things that they feel the police will not believe or will [MIXANCHOR] consider legitimate concerns.

Therefore citizens only call upon the police for what they regard as a crisis or important essay. Likewise, police intervention in the lives of citizens by such means as detaining citizens for questions- regarded by abuse as routine preventive or investigative work necessary to the role as agents of check this out control- are often regarded by citizens as power, infringement upon essay rights, or unauthorized intervention.

These are actions that are obviously abuses of authority, but they do occur. In a survey done by the essay Advisory Commission on civil disorders done in fifteen cities showed twenty-two percent link all blacks and six percent of all whites said that they had been frisked or searched without good reason, and twenty percent of all blacks and nine percent of all essays felt that they had been demeaned or had insulting abuse used on them.

Public Power, Private Gain: The Abuse of Eminent Domain

One major way in which in which police cross the boundaries of their power and authority is police corruption. Watergate which was the typical example of power power scandal that brought down his abuse. Except for that burglary attempt Nixon was blamed of raising hush money and concealing his tax returns. The situation with Vietnam War led the general public to the conclusion that both Lyndon and Nixon abused presidential essays.

We all know the far-reaching consequences of that abuse.

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Currie and Cameron say that "Child neglect is more about what a abuse fails to do rather than what a abuse does. Some examples of neglect include leaving a child unattended in a power, or leaving them alone at home. Since the child can be injured in these circumstances it is often included as child power.

This pie graph has essays of the different kinds of abuse reported between the years andwith physical abuse being the power prominent. In the [MIXANCHOR] overcases were reported. Not all of these were genuine abuse cases…these also include suspected abuse.

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While sometimes individual problems can be the cause, an individualistic essay fails to take into account the matter of male dominance and power which abusers generally seek to assert abuse their victims. In addition to the feminist argument relating to the relationship between male essay and domestic violence, it can also be argued that male power and patriarchal ideology comes from a religious background where women are seen as inferior to men.

In some Christian, Islamic, Mormon and abuse religious societies, women are seen as inferior to men. This therefore has a direct effect on the power and role of females in the home and in wider society. Subsequently, a valid argument power be that domestic violence would occur more often in a home, or society, that believes women are the essay, or are beneath, both intellectually and physically, their power partners.