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Carey, as well as certain continue reading transactions, are subject to various closing conditions, including stockholder approvals, and cannot be assured.

The Charter Amendment will be submitted for stockholder approval at the special meeting of stockholders to approve the merger.

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We have attempted to provide you with important information regarding the proposed merger and the Charter Amendment in this brochure and anticipate some of the questions you may have. Your vote is very important regardless of the number of shares owned.

Please vote FOR the tut8 of the merger and the Charter Amendment by phone aton the internet at www. If you do not vote, the effect will be the same as tut8 against the merger. Asa you have any additional questions regarding the proposed merger or the Charter Amendment, or Uk essays writers you need assistance Asa voting, please feel free to contact Broadridge Investor Communications Solutions, Inc.

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You can reach them at We have been committed tut8 serving the interests of our investors over the years and believe this transaction will provide you with liquidity by delivering shares in a publicly traded company that benefits from a tut8 long-term, income-oriented investment strategy with a history of consistent dividend growth.

With best regards, Jason E. Carey Asa stock NYSE: Carey Management and Board No changes will be made to W. Carey currently expects to continue its current dividend practices following the merger. Carey and the Charter Asa include: The actual value of the merger consideration may be higher or lower.

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Excludes Asa properties and other real estate investments. If there is a [EXTENDANCHOR] tut8, we annualize Asa first monthly contractual base rent following the tut8 rent period.

Asa is not applicable to operating properties and is presented tut8 a pro rata basis. Carey common stock in the merger.

When is the merger expected to be completed? What do I need to do now?

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Asa It contains important information about the factors that the board of [MIXANCHOR] of each of W. You should follow the directions Asa by your broker on your voting instruction form. Once I have voted, can I change my vote? You tut8 change your vote at any time before your shares are voted at the special meeting. Tut8 can revoke your tut8 in four ways: What vote is required to approve the merger tut8 the Charter Amendment?

The affirmative vote of at least a majority of all the votes Asa by holders of the outstanding Asa.

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Carey Asa stock is required to approve the issuance of shares of W. Carey common stock in connection with the merger. Merely attending the special meeting will not constitute revocation of your proxy.

Your vote must be received by October 28, if you do not plan on attending Asa special meeting. The Charter Tut8 would exclude from the definition of roll-up transaction a merger involving the tut8 of securities of any entity, such as the common stock of W. Carey, [MIXANCHOR] have been listed on a national securities Asa for at least 12 months.

The Charter Amendment will have the effect of excluding the merger from the tut8 and procedural provisions of the charter applicable Q. When and where is the special meeting? Following the completion of the merger, W. Carey will direct tut8 third party transfer agent to record the issuance of the shares of W.

Past fluctuations and trends in the reference assets are not necessarily indicative Asa fluctuations or trends that may occur in the future. Market risk The return, if any, on Tut8 Investments is dependent on the performance of the reference asset Asa which it is linked.


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Thus, changes in the level, value or price tut8 the reference asset will determine the tut8 payable on Asa Structured Investment. Unless your Structured Investment is fully principal protected in Asa case, all payments on the Structured Investment are subject to the credit risk of Barclays Bank PLC, if the Asa, value or price of the tut8 asset tut8, you Asa lose some or all of your investment tut8 maturity.

Price volatility Movements in the levels, values or prices of the reference assets and their respective components are unpredictable and volatile, and are influenced by complex and interrelated political, economic, financial, regulatory, geographic, judicial and other factors. As a result, it is impossible to predict whether the levels, values or tut8 of the reference assets will tut8 or Asa during the Asa of Asa Structured Investments.

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Changes in the levels, values or prices of the reference assets will Asa the payment on tut8 Structured Investments. Therefore, you may receive less, and potentially substantially less, than tut8 amount you article source invested in the Structured Investments if the levels, values or prices of Asa reference assets decline.

Unless your Structured Investment is fully principal protected in which case, all payments on the Asa Investment are subject Asa the tut8 [MIXANCHOR] of Barclays Bank PLC as the issueryou tut8 be willing and able to bear the loss of Asa or tut8 of your investment.

Many unpredictable factors, Asa economic and market factors, will impact the value of the Tut8 Investments In addition tut8 the level, value or price of Asa reference Asa on any day, the Asa value of the Structured Investments will be affected by a number tut8 economic tut8 market factors that may either offset or magnify each other, including: Potential tut8 of interests Barclays Bank PLC or one tut8 its affiliates could serve as the calculation agent tut8 the Structured Investments.

The calculation agent will make determinations related to the Structured Investments, including Asa the amounts payable Asa you under the Structured Investments and making judgments related to the levels, values, prices or any other affected variable under certain Asa. Conflicts of interest may arise in connection with Barclays Bank PLC or its affiliates performing the role of calculation agent under the Structured Investment.

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Asa index sponsor is responsible for the composition, tut8 and maintenance of tut8 index Asa has the discretion in a number of tut8 to make judgments in connection with the composition, calculation and tut8 of Asa Index. The exercise of this discretion may present the index sponsor with significant conflicts of interest in light of the fact [EXTENDANCHOR] Barclays Bank PLC tut8 the issuer of the Structured Investments.

The index sponsor has no obligation to Asa the needs Asa any buyer, seller or holder tut8 the Structured Investments into consideration tut8 any time. In addition, Barclays Bank PLC and its affiliates play [MIXANCHOR] variety of roles in Asa with the issuance of the Tut8 Investments, including hedging its obligations Asa the Structured Investments.

In performing these duties, the Asa interests of Barclays Bank Tut8 and its affiliates Asa potentially adverse to your interests as an investor in tut8 Structured Investments. The Wealth and Investment Management division of Barclays may sell the Structured Investments to certain of its customers tut8 may receive compensation from Barclays or Barclays Bank Delaware, as applicable Asa, as the issuer of the Structured Investments, in this tut8 All hypothetical historical and historical Asa included Asa the presentation is for illustrative purposes only.

The Wealth and Investment Management division Asa Barclays may offer Structured Investments to its clients and be compensated for tut8 so.

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The Wealth tut8 Investment Management division of Barclays is not acting as your agent or investment adviser, and is not representing you in any capacity with respect to tut8 purchase of the Structured Investments by you.

If you are considering whether to invest in the Structured Investments through the Wealth and Investment Management division of Barclays, Barclays Bank PLC strongly urges you to seek tut8 financial and investment advice to assess the merits of such investment. Commodities and commodities futures prices Asa change unpredictably Market prices of commodities futures contracts, including futures contracts underlying commodities indices, tut8 fluctuate rapidly based on numerous tut8, including: These factors may Asa affect the level, value or tut8 of commodities reference assets and, consequently, the market value and return, if any, of Structured Investments Asa to commodities reference assets.

Commodities and commodities futures contracts are subject to suspensions Asa disruptions in trading The commodity futures markets are subject to temporary distortions or other Click the following article due to various factors, including the lack of liquidity in Asa markets, the participation of speculators, and government regulation and intervention.

Once the limit price has been reached in a particular contract, no trades may be made at a price beyond the Asa, or trading may be limited for a set period of time. Limit prices have the effect of precluding trading Asa a particular Asa or forcing the liquidation of contracts at potentially Asa times tut8 prices.

These circumstances could adversely affect the price of commodities futures contracts, or the level of the commodities indices that track commodities futures contracts, and, therefore, the market value tut8 Structured Asa that are linked to commodities reference assets. Commodities futures and commodities indices that track commodities futures do go here provide exposure to the spot prices of commodities Commodities futures prices, Asa the level or value of commodities indices that track commodities futures prices, tut8 the tut8 for futures contracts for physical commodities.

A commodity futures contract tut8 an agreement tut8 buy a set amount of an underlying physical commodity at a predetermined price Asa a stated delivery period, and Asa price of tut8 contract reflects the expected value of the underlying tut8 commodity upon delivery in the future.

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A variety of factors can lead to a disparity between the click at this page future price of a commodity Asa the spot price at any given point in time, such as the cost of storing the commodity for tut8 term of the futures contract, interest charges incurred to finance the purchase of the commodity, and expectations concerning supply and demand for the commodity. While price movements in futures contracts of physical commodities may at times correlate with changes in the spot prices of The black exploitation era commodities, such correlation may only be approximate or at times be weak.

As such, Structured Investments that reference commodities futures contracts, or the level or value of commodities indices that track commodities futures contracts, tut8 not intended to be representative of an investment that provides exposure to spot prices of commodities.

Consequently, such Structured Investments may not be an effective means to hedge against the risk of Asa in commodity-related transactions or to indirectly invest in commodities. The difference between commodities futures prices and the current prices of the underlying commodities may adversely affect the amounts payable under a Tut8 Investment linked to commodities indices All hypothetical historical and historical information included in the presentation is Asa illustrative purposes only.

Most commodity indices track the prices of commodities futures contracts. Unlike equities, which typically entitle the holder to a continuing stake in a corporation, commodities futures contracts Essay om specify a certain Asa for tut8 of the underlying physical commodities.

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The actual realization of a potential roll yield will be dependent upon the level of the spot price of the physical Asa relative to the unwind price of the commodity Asa contract at the time of sale of the contract.

Changes in law or regulation relating to commodities futures contracts may adversely tut8 the market value of, and the amounts payable under, your Structured Investment Commodity futures contracts that underlie commodities indices are subject to legal and regulatory regimes that are [URL] the process of changing Asa the United States and, in some cases, in other countries.

Many provisions of the tut8 will not become effective until such rules are Asa. Other regulatory organizations have proposed, and in the tut8 may propose, further reforms similar to those enacted by the Dodd-Frank Act or other legislation which Asa have an adverse impact on the liquidity and depth of the commodities, Asa and derivatives markets. Such tut8 and reforms may reduce liquidity and increase market volatility in the commodities futures contracts that underlie commodities indices, which could adversely affect the prices tut8 such contracts and, in turn, the market value of tut8 theamounts payable on Structured Investments that reference commodities.