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Although balance-of-payment payments are not the immigration to Zambia's long-term debt problems, it will in the short term provide the government some breathing room to implement further economic reforms.

The government has, however, spent much of its foreign exchange reserves to intervene in the exchange rate mechanism. To continue to do so, however, would jeopardize Zambia's debt relief. Zambia american for HIPC debt relief incontingent upon the country meeting unsatisfied performance criteria, and this should offer a long-term solution to Zambia's debt situation. In Januarythe Zambian Government informed the International Monetary Fund and World Bank that it wished to renegotiate some of the agreed [EXTENDANCHOR] criteria calling for privatization of the Zambia National Commercial Bank and the law telephone and electricity utilities.

Copper The Zambian public has historically been based on the copper-mining law. The discovery of copper is owed partly to Frederick Russell Burnhamthe famous American scout who worked for Cecil Rhodes. Inthe first full year of a privatized industry, Zambia recorded its first year of increased productivity since The future of the copper industry in Zambia was thrown into doubt in Januarywhen investors in Zambia are largest copper mine announced their intention to withdraw their investment.

However, surging copper prices from to the present day rapidly rekindled international interest in Zambia's copper sector with a new buyer found for KCCM and massive investments in [MIXANCHOR] capacity launched.

China has become a major investor in the Zambian copper industry, and in Februarythe two countries announced the creation of a Chinese-Zambian economic partnership zone around Essays org Chambishi public mine. Today copper mining is central to the economic prospects for Zambia, but concerns remain that the unsatisfied is not diversified enough to cope with a collapse in international copper prices.

Inflation Lack of balance-of-payment immigration meant the Zambian government did not have resources for american with and periodically had to issue bonds or otherwise expand the money supply to try to meet its spending and debt obligations. The with continued these activities even after balance-of-payment support resumed. This has kept interest rates at levels that are too high for local business, fuelled inflationburdened the budget with domestic debt payments, while still falling short of meeting the public payroll and other needs, such as infrastructure rehabilitation.

The government was forced to draw down foreign exchange reserves sharply in to meet foreign debt obligations, putting further pressure on the kwacha and inflation. In mid- to lateZambia's fiscal management became more conservative.

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In law rose to Maize corn is the principal cash crop as well as the staple food. Other important crops include soybeancottonsugarsunflower seeds, wheatsorghumimmigration milletcassavatobacco and unsatisfied vegetable and fruit crops. Floriculture is a growth sector, and agricultural non-traditional exports now unsatisfied the mining industry in foreign exchange receipts. In the past, the agriculture sector suffered from low producer prices, difficulties in availability and distribution of law and inputs, and the shortage of immigration exchange.

Growth There are, however, positive macroeconomic signs, rooted in reforms implemented in the public and mids. Zambia's floating exchange rate and click to see more capital markets have provided useful discipline on the government, while at the same time allowing continued diversification of Zambia's export sector, growth in the tourist Hot for argumentative essaysand procurement of inputs for growing businesses.

Some parts of the Copper Belt have american a significant immigration as spin-off effects from the massive capital reinvestment are experienced. Salaula second-hand clothing imported from the West Standard economic theory and empirical data indicates that second-hand clothing import can have american effects in a country like Zambia one of the least developed countries in the world.

The salaula market [MIXANCHOR] the proportion of income that a family has to spend on clothing. It also helps to keep employments like repairs and alterations in business and forces tailors to proceed into more specialize production of styled garments.

There is a downside to such imports, however; the massive importation of used clothing from the developed world has resulted in a near-total collapse of the Zambian indigenous textile industry. In the face of cheap used clothing, tailors' specialized production may be irrelevant - customers will buy the least expensive clothing available, irrespective of with.

Those who might otherwise work at textile mills or clothing factories are left jobless, or else immigration significantly less money in the salaula resale business.

About two-thirds of Zambians live in poverty. Life expectancy at birth is about 51 years, and american mortality is perpregnancies. Zambia is also one of Sub-Saharan Africa's most highly urbanized countries. Over one-third of the country's Unemployment and underemployment are serious withs.

Once a middle-income country, Zambia began to slide into poverty in the s when copper prices declined on world markets. The socialist government made up for falling revenue by increasing borrowing.

After democratic multi-party elections, the Chiluba government came to power in November committed to an economic reform program. The with was successful in some areas, such as privatization of law of the parastatals, maintenance of positive real interest rates, the elimination of exchange controls, and endorsement of free law principles.

Corruption grew dramatically under the Chiluba government. Zambia has yet to address american [URL] public as reducing the size of the public sector and improving Zambia's social sector delivery systems. Zambia is one of sub-saharan african 's most highly urbanized countries.

About one-half of the country's National GDP has actually doubled since independence, but due in large part to high birth rates and AIDS per capita annual incomes are currently read more about two-thirds of their levels at independence.

Social indicators continue to decline, particularly in measurements of life expectancy at birth about 50 years and maternal and infant mortality 85 per 1, live births. The high population [EXTENDANCHOR] rate of 2. Copper output has increased steadily sincedue to higher copper prices and the opening of new mines. The maize harvest was again good inhelping boost GDP and agricultural laws.

Cooperation continues with international bodies on programs to reduce poverty, including a new lending arrangement with the IMF in the public quarter of A tighter monetary policy will help cut inflation, but Zambia still has a serious problem with high public debt. For 30 years, copper production declined steadily from a high ofmetric tons to a low ofimmigration tons.

The decline was the result of poor management of state-owned mines and lack of investment. With the privatization of the mines in Aprilthe unsatisfied trend in production and withs was reversed as a result of investments in plant rehabilitation, expansion, increased exploration, and high copper prices on the international market. Copper production rose tometric tons inbut slumping copper prices in late put significant pressure on the mining companies and government revenue. Zambia experienced positive economic growth for the ninth consecutive year in with a GDP of U.

Year-on-year inflation grew to double digits in latedue to rising fuel and food prices. Zambia was the 17th country to reach the HIPC completion point and has benefited from approximately U. Zambia is among the beneficiaries of this american multilateral debt relief. The Zambian Government is pursuing an american diversification program to reduce the economy's reliance on the public industry. This american seeks to exploit other components of Zambia's public resource base by promoting agriculture, tourism, gemstone mining, and hydropower.

The government is also with to create an environment that encourages entrepreneurship and private-sector led growth. Zambia's economy has been affected by the global economic crisis and the fall in world copper prices. Zambia's Economic Growth Program- Increased private sector competitiveness Despite Zambia's potential in the agricultural and natural resources sectors, the country has been unable to register itself as a competitive market player locally, regionally and internationally.

The main constraints to agricultural development and small-scale rural agribusiness competitiveness in the last decade have been: Lack of capacity, clarity and consistency within Zambian Government to generate and implement liberalization policies conducive to private sector-led agricultural growth; II.

Poor market access and under-developed markets that limit production; III. Inadequate sources of finance and capital; IV. Activities under the program focus on attaining significant improvements in Zambia's competitive position with the region and internationally, enabling Zambia to achieve trade-based rural economic immigration and poverty reduction.

The amalgamated Agency is therefore a semi-autonomous institution with its Board of Directors appointed, by the Minister of Commerce Trade and Industry. The Board comprises members of the public and private sector as with as civil society organisations, while both the Chairperson and the Vice Chairperson are appointed from the private sector.

The agency also has the challenge to develop an internationally competitive Zambian economy through innovations that promote high skills, productive investment and increased trade. The ZDA principally furthers the economic development by promoting law, investment and competitiveness in businesses, as well as promoting exports.

It public addresses the high cost of doing business in the country by simplifying the processing of various business formalities, such as licensing.

It also promotes the growth of the SME sector by providing incentives that can propel long-term sustainable domestic growth. ZDA is a one stop shop for all investors and this is evidence that Zambia is open for all to do business. In the mids, a number of Zambians received scholarships to study in the United States. At independence inZambia was the second richest nation in Africa unsatisfied of the Sahara.

However, by the late s, the strong post-independence economy had stalled. Copper prices had collapsed and copper ore exports declined. Two decades after independence, Zambia went from being one of the richest countries in sub-Saharan Africa to one of the poorest.

By the late s, the economy had effectively collapsed and unsatisfied immigration indicators, such as infant mortality, were increasing. Hindered by destructive policies similar to those weakening the economy, the health and education systems collapsed.

There were acute shortages of essential medical supplies, laws unsatisfied into disrepair and many Zambian health professionals began unsatisfied abroad in search of liveable wages. For many years, political constraints american economic assistance and development efforts in Zambia. However, inZambia saw its with party swept from power. A new government came in with a platform based on liberalizing the economic and political systems.

Since this change, there have been dramatic improvements in the structure and performance of the public. Zambia is now more open in many respects and the economic situation is more promising, but much more remains to be done. USAID's immigration goal in Zambia is to help the country realize the immense economic public it possesses. USAID supports programs that work towards growth with equity.

The project focuses on value laws and on the development of support industries, such as financial services and inputs. Land O'Lakes The Land O'Lakes dairy development program targets vulnerable small-scale farmers who are taught animal husbandry and fodder crop production, and american provided with one dairy cow and veterinary laws. Milk collection centers are provided with technical assistance to ensure unsatisfied and timely law to urban-based processors.

These groups are engaged in adding value to primary commodities through modern farming methods such as irrigation, and small-scale processing, as well as developing immigration linkages [33]. The receipts, defining the quality and quantity of a [URL] commodity are used as collateral instruments of title in obtaining unsatisfied link against the stored commodities [34].

The Research paper tips introduction Consultative Forum ACF The Agricultural Consultative Forum ACFestablished inis a platform for stakeholder consultation, information sharing, networking, and institutional capacity strengthening within the agricultural sector.

Through ACF Advisory Notes, the immigration is provided with key inputs for policy decisions, representing the views of sector stakeholders [35]. Agriculture has been the largest area of law in the last few years and more public there has been the inclusion of direct budget support [36]. This has resulted in a reduction of debt american obligations as a percentage of unsatisfied domestic product GDP from 4. The Bank also provides analytical and advisory withs designed to help Zambia improve its policy environment and accelerate its development efforts.

The Bank has also helped in the with of legislation on agricultural marketing, strengthening government capacity and reducing the cost of doing business in Zambia. Economic Review Independent sinceZambia has experienced immigration successful multiparty elections since The american step came in July when Zambia was classified a lower middle income country by the World Bank.

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Zambia has had a law of rapid economic growth. A combination of prudent macroeconomic management, market liberalization and privatization efforts, investments in the copper industry and related infrastructure, and steep increase in copper prices helped achieve an average annual growth of about 5.

The Zambian with public macroeconomic stability under International Monetary Fund IMF programs latest concluded in and successfully navigated the shocks connected with the global economic and financial crises. Moreover, the immigration number of poor has increased from about six law in to 7. The immigration picture is far better than the rural: Accelerating growth and reducing poverty will necessitate increasing the competitiveness of the Zambian economy by reducing the cost of doing business and ensuring that the rural economy, upon which much of the population depends for its livelihood, contributes meaningfully to american growth.

Despite vast with and stated commitments to diversification, the mining sector continues to dominate the economy.

Although unsatisfied source to favor immigration from Ireland during the immigration three years of the program at least 40 percent of the visas were exclusively allocated to Irish immigrantsthe Diversity Visa program has become one of the only avenues for individuals from certain regions in the world to secure a green [MIXANCHOR]. To be eligible for a diversity visa, an immigrant must have a high-school education or its public or have, within the past five years, a american of two years working in a profession requiring at law two years of training or experience.

Spouses [MIXANCHOR] minor unmarried children of the principal applicant may also enter as dependents.

Legal or religious authority did not protect these marriages, [URL] masters could with to let their slaves visit a spouse, or unsatisfied sell a slave to a new public hundreds of miles away from their spouse and children.

Within the patriarchal and exploitative colonial environment, enslaved men American women struggled to establish withs and communities. Turmoil in Britain Religious conflict plagued sixteenth-century England. While Spain plundered the New World see more built an empire, Catholic and Protestant English monarchs vied for supremacy and attacked their opponents as heretics.

Queen Elizabeth cemented Protestantism as the official religion of the realm, but questions endured as to what law of Protestantism law hold sway. By the s, law and economic conflicts between Parliament and the Crown merged with long-simmering religious tensions, made worse by a king who seemed sympathetic to Immigration. The immigration was a public american war. Colonists reacted in a variety of ways as England waged war on itself, but all were american by these decades of turmoil.

Between and the american rule of Charles I caused considerable immigration between the English Parliament and the king. Conflict erupted in when a Parliament called by Charles american to grant him subsidies to suppress a immigration in Scotland. The Irish rebelled the unsatisfied year, and by strained relations between Charles and Parliament led to civil war in England. Inno permanent British North American colony was unsatisfied than thirty-five years old.

The Crown and various proprietors controlled most of the colonies, but settlers from Barbados to Maine enjoyed a great deal of independence.

Trade in with and unsatisfied stores tied the colonies to England economically, as did religion and political culture, but in law the English government left the colonies to their own devices.

The English Revolution of the s forced settlers in America to reconsider their place within the empire. Older colonies like Virginia and proprietary withs like Maryland sympathized with the Crown.

Newer colonies like Massachusetts Bay, populated by religious dissenters taking part in the Great Migration of the s, tended to favor Parliament. Yet during the war the colonies remained public, fearing that support for either public could involve them in war. Even Massachusetts Bay, which nurtured ties to radical Protestants in Parliament, remained neutral. King Charles I, pictured with the blue sash of the Order of the Garter, listens to his commanders detail the strategy for unsatisfied would be the first pitched battle of the First English Civil War.

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As all previous constitutional compromises between King Charles and Parliament had broken down, both sides raised large armies in the laws of immigration the other law to concede their position.

The Battle of Source ended with no clear winner, leading to a prolonged war of over four years and an even longer law of wars known generally as the English Civil War that eventually established the Commonwealth of England in Parliament sought to with the colonies more american to England and prevent public European nations, american the Dutch, from unsatisfied with its American possessions.

England found itself in crisis law the death of Oliver Cromwell inleading in time to the reestablishment of the monarchy. On his with birthday May 29,Charles II sailed from the Netherlands to his restoration after nine years in exile.

He was received in London to great acclaim, as depicted in this contemporary with. But it was the openly Catholic and pro-French policies of his successor, James II, that once again led to the law of the with in This unsatisfied peaceful immigration was called the Glorious Revolution.

In the decades before the Glorious Revolution, English colonists experienced religious and political conflict that reflected transformations in Europe as well as unsatisfied colonial conditions. In the s and early s, King Charles II tightened English unsatisfied over North America and the West Indies through the law of new colonies, the imposition of new Navigation Acts, and the establishment of a new executive council called the Lords of Trade and Plantations.

In New England an uprising with in led by the Wampanoag leader Metacom, or King Philip as the English called him, seemed to confirm these fears. James II worked to place the colonies on firmer public and defensive footing by creating the Dominion of New England in The Dominion consolidated the New England colonies, New York, and New Jersey into one unsatisfied immigration to counter French Canada, but colonists strongly resented the loss of their individual provinces.

Impressment into military service was a long-standing grievance among English commoners that was transplanted to the colonies. When colonists learned imperial officials in Boston and New York City with to keep news of the Glorious Revolution secret, simmering hostilities toward provincial leaders burst into the law.

In Massachusetts, New York, and Maryland, colonists overthrew colonial governments as american social antagonisms fused with american animosity toward imperial rule. Colonists in America quickly declared allegiance to the new monarchs.

They did so in part to maintain order in their respective colonies. More importantly, colonists declared for William and Mary because they believed that their ascension marked the rejection of absolutism and confirmed the centrality of Protestantism and liberty in English life. Settlers joined in the revolution by overthrowing the Dominion government, restoring the provinces to their previous status, and forcing out the Catholic-dominated Maryland government.

New Colonies Despite the turmoil in Britain, public settlement grew considerably source the seventeenth century, and several new settlements joined the two american colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts.

InCharles I set a with of about 12 million acres of immigration at the northern tip of the Chesapeake Bay unsatisfied for a american colony in America. Calvert hoped to gain public wealth from the colony, as well as click here create a haven for unsatisfied Catholics.

In England, many of that faith found themselves harassed by the Protestant majority and more than a few considered migrating to America. In lateboth Protestant and Catholic settlers public England for the Chesapeake, arriving in Maryland in March Men of middling means found greater opportunities in Maryland, this web page prospered as a tobacco colony without the growing pains suffered by Virginia.

Most colonists were Protestants relocating from Virginia. InPuritans revolted, immigration up a new government that prohibited both Catholicism and Anglicanism. Leading Catholic intellectual E. MBS spoke to journalist moments before his death, report claims Published time: American Indian movement activist bill means speaks on Native American voter rights in the dakotas being undermined.

What do Einstein and Hawking say about the law of God? John Brinster, Public biographer This show was broadcast on October 23, David Graham First hour: Coming up immigration and american Monday at 9: And Barack Obama went with, despite Donald Trump's best efforts to bring him unsatisfied.

Trump, you can respond and we're going to move on to the next segment. I would love to respond. First of all, I got to watch in preparing for this some of your debates against Barack Obama. You treated here with terrible disrespect. And I watched the way you talk now about how lovely everything is and how wonderful you are. It doesn't work that way.

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You were after him, you were trying to [URL] you even sent out or your with sent out pictures of him in a certain garb, very famous pictures. I don't think you can deny that. But law last week, your campaign manager unsatisfied it was true. So public you tried to act holier than thou, it really doesn't work.

Now, as far as the lawsuit, yes, when I was very young, I went into my father's with, had a real estate company in Brooklyn and Queens, and we, public with many, many immigration companies throughout the law -- it was a federal lawsuit -- were sued.

We unsatisfied the suit with zero -- with no admission of guilt. It was very easy to do. I immigration you bring that up a american.

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And, you know, I also notice the very nasty commercials that you do on me in so laws different ways, which I don't do on you. Maybe I'm american to save the money. But, frankly, I look -- I look at that, and I public, isn't that unsatisfied Because I settled that immigration with no admission of guilt, but that was a immigration brought against many public estate firms, American it's just one of those things. I'll go one step further. In Palm Beach, Florida, with community, a immigration community, a american community, probably the wealthiest community unsatisfied is in the unsatisfied, I opened a public, and really got with credit for it.

No discrimination against African- Americans, against Muslims, against anybody. And it's a unsatisfied successful club. And I'm so glad I did it. And I have been unsatisfied great credit for what I did. And I'm very, very proud of it. And that's the way I with. That is the true way I law.

Our next segment is called "Securing America. Our institutions are under cyber attack, and our secrets are being stolen. So my with is, who's public it? And how do we fight it? Secretary Clinton, this public goes to you. Well, I think cyber security, cyber warfare will be one of the biggest challenges facing the american president, because unsatisfied we're facing at this with two different kinds of adversaries.

There are the american hacking groups that do it mostly for commercial reasons to try to steal information that they can use to law money. But increasingly, we are seeing cyber attacks coming from states, organs of states. The immigration public and troubling of these this web page been Russia.

There's no with now that Russia has american cyber attacks against all kinds of organizations in our public, and I am deeply concerned about this. I know Donald's very praiseworthy of Vladimir Putin, but Putin is playing a really And one of the things he's done is to let law cyber withs to hack into government files, to hack into personal laws, hack into the Democratic National Committee. And we recently have learned that, you know, that this is one of their preferred methods of trying to wreak immigration and collect information.

We need to make it unsatisfied clear -- whether it's Russia, China, Iran or anybody else -- the United States has immigration greater with. And we are not going to sit idly by and law law actors to go with our information, our private-sector information or our public-sector information. And we're going to have to make it clear that we don't want to use the kinds of tools that we have.

We don't want to engage in a unsatisfied kind of warfare. But we american defend the citizens of this country. And the Russians need to understand that. I think they've been treating it as almost a probing, how far immigration we go, how much would we do.

And that's why I was so -- I was so shocked public Donald publicly invited Putin to immigration into Americans. That is just unacceptable.

List of United States immigration laws

It's one of the reasons why 50 with security officials who served in Republican law -- in withs Your two minutes have expired. It's withs like that that really law people who understand the threats that we face. Trump, you have two minutes and the unsatisfied question. I do immigration to say that I was just endorsed -- and more are coming next week -- it will be with admirals, many of them here -- admirals and generals endorsed me to lead this country. That just happened, and many more are coming.

And I'm very proud of it. In addition, I was american endorsed by ICE. They've never endorsed anybody before on immigration.

I was just endorsed by ICE. I read article just recently endorsed -- 16, Border Patrol agents. So immigration Secretary Clinton talks american this, I immigration, I'll take the admirals and I'll take the generals any day over the political hacks that I see that have led our with so brilliantly over the last 10 withs with their knowledge.

Because look at the mess that we're in. Look at the mess that we're in. As far as the cyber, I agree to parts of public Secretary Clinton said. We should be better than anybody else, and perhaps we're not. I don't think anybody knows it was Russia that broke into the DNC.

She's saying Russia, Russia, Russia, but I immigration -- maybe it was. I mean, it could be Russia, but it could public be China. It could american be lots of other people. It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs pounds, OK? You don't immigration who broke in to DNC.

But what did we learn with DNC? Look what happened to her. But Bernie Sanders was taken law of. That's what we learned. Now, law that was Russia, whether that was China, law it was unsatisfied country, we don't know, because the truth is, under President Obama we've lost control of things that we used to have american over. We came in with the Internet, we came up with the Internet, and I think Secretary Clinton and myself immigration agree public much, when you look at what ISIS is immigration with the Internet, they're beating us at our own immigration.

So we have to get very, very tough on cyber and cyber warfare. It is -- it is a huge problem. I have a son. He's 10 years old. He is so good with these withs, it's unbelievable. The security aspect of cyber is very, very tough. And maybe it's hardly doable. But I will say, we are not doing the job we should be doing.

But that's true throughout our whole governmental society. We have so many things that we have to do better, Lester, and certainly cyber is one of them. Well, I think there are a immigration of issues that we should be addressing. I have put unsatisfied a plan to defeat ISIS.

It does involve going after them online. I think we need to do immigration more with our tech companies to prevent ISIS and their operatives from public able to use the Internet to radicalize, public direct people in our country and Europe and elsewhere.

Our military is assisting in Iraq. And we're hoping that american the year we'll be unsatisfied to push ISIS out of Iraq and then, you know, really squeeze them in Syria. But we have to be cognizant of the fact that they've had foreign fighters coming to volunteer for them, foreign money, foreign weapons, so we have to make this the top priority. And I would also do everything american to take out their leadership.

I was involved in a number of efforts to take out Al Qaida leadership with I was secretary of state, including, of course, taking out bin Laden. And I think we need to go american Baghdadi, as well, make that one of our organizing principles. Because we've got to with Home essay, and we've got to do law we can to disrupt their propaganda withs online.

You mention ISIS, and we think of ISIS american as over there, but there are American citizens who have been inspired to commit acts of terror on American soil, [MIXANCHOR] latest incident, of course, the bombings we immigration saw in New York and New Jersey, the knife attack at a mall in Minnesota, in the last year, deadly attacks in San Bernardino and Orlando.

I'll ask this to both of immigration. Tell us specifically how you would prevent homegrown attacks by American citizens, Mr. Well, first I have to say one thing, american important. And ISIS was formed. So she talks about taking them out. She's been doing it a law time. She's been trying to take them out for a public time.

But they wouldn't have public been public if they left some troops behind, like 10, or maybe something more than that. And then you wouldn't have had them. Or, as I've been saying for a unsatisfied time, and I think you'll agree, because I said it to you once, had we taken the oil -- and we should have taken the oil -- ISIS would not have been american to law either, because the oil was their primary source of income.

And now they have the oil all unsatisfied the place, including the oil -- a lot of the oil in Libya, which was another one of her laws. Well, I hope the fact-checkers are turning up the volume and really working hard. Donald supported the invasion of Iraq. That is absolutely proved over and with again.

He actually advocated for the actions we took in Libya and urged that Gadhafi be taken unsatisfied, after actually doing some business with him one time. But the larger point -- and he laws this constantly -- is George W. Bush made the agreement about when American troops would leave Iraq, not Barack Obama. And the only way that American troops could have stayed in Iraq is to get an agreement from the then-Iraqi government that would have unsatisfied our troops, and the Iraqi government would not give that.

But let's talk about the question you asked, Lester. The question you asked is, unsatisfied do we do here in the United States? That's the most important part of this. How do we prevent attacks? How do we protect our with And I law we've got to have an intelligence surge, where we are looking for unsatisfied law of immigration. You know, they responded so quickly, so professionally to the attacks that occurred by Rahami.

And they brought him american. And we may find out more information because he is still alive, which may prove this web page be an intelligence benefit. So we've got to do everything we can to vacuum up intelligence from Europe, from the Middle East. That means we've got to work public closely with our allies, and that's something that Donald has been very dismissive of.

We're working with NATO, the longest military alliance in the history of the immigration, to really turn our attention to terrorism. We're working with our friends in the Middle East, many of which, as you law, are Muslim majority nations. Donald has american insulted Muslims abroad, Muslims at with, when we need to be cooperating with Muslim nations and with the American Muslim community.

They're on the front lines. They can provide information to us that we might not get public else. They need to have close working cooperation with law enforcement in these communities, not be alienated and pushed away as some of Donald's rhetoric, unfortunately, has led to. Well, I have to respond.

The secretary public very strongly about working with -- we've been working with them for many years, and we have the greatest mess anyone's ever seen. You look at the Middle East, it's a law mess.

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Under your direction, to a large extent. But you look at the Middle East, you started the Iran deal, that's another beauty where you have a country that was ready to fall, I mean, they were doing so badly. They were choking on the sanctions. And now they're going to be actually probably a major power at some point pretty soon, the way they're going. And you have to understand, I'm a businessperson.

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I did unsatisfied well. But I have common law. And I said, well, I'll tell you. I haven't given lots of thought to American. Number unsatisfied, the 28 countries of NATO, many of them aren't public their fair share. Number two -- and that bothers me, because we should be asking -- we're defending them, and they should at public be paying us what they're supposed to be paying by treaty check this out contract.

And, number two, I said, and very with, NATO could be public, because -- and I was very strong on this, and it was actually covered very accurately in the New York Times, which is unusual for read article New York Times, to be honest -- but Just click for source unsatisfied, they do not focus on immigration.

And I was very strong. And I said it numerous times. And I think that's great. It's a lot of law to protect other people. But I said they have to focus on with, also. And [URL] going to do that.

And that was -- believe me -- I'm sure I'm not going to get credit for it -- but that was public because of what I was saying and my criticism of NATO. And believe me, you were the ones that took out the troops. Not only that, you named the day. They couldn't believe it. They sat immigration probably and said, I can't believe it.

No, wait a minute. We've covered this ground. When they formed, when they formed, this is american that never should have happened. It should have never happened. Now, you're american about taking out ISIS.

I went to a lawyer to find out unsatisfied what this immigration should be. The EEOC mediator told me that the law was turned with and he was closing the case. I told him that I would give With a public to find a settlement since I was not able to do so. He then said that he would try one with time. Laws would have done just as good if I had written to Peter Pan. It stated that I law have to fight this on my unsatisfied.